I’ve now taken part in 3 Blenheim Triathlons and I won the adult super sprint race in 2014. This year will see me step up to the Elite level and compete in the super series events. It will be a huge step-up but im looking forward to the challenge and feel equipped to succeed with my new Zone3 Vanquish wetsuit!

Blenheim is one of my favourite events on the triathlon circuit. It’s a great course set against a spectacular backdrop of the Palace and lake. The support is awesome and it’s really well organised.

I’ve taken a few moments to put together a few key tips so that you’ll enjoy your experience of the Blenheim Palace Triathlon

Blenheim Triathlon Guide


  • Wetsuit Ensure that you have trained in your Zone 3 wetsuit prior to race day. You’ll need to feel comfortable swimming and breathing correctly. Practice taking off your wetsuit beforehand.
  • Positioning is key– if you’re a speedier swimmer position yourself towards the front, if you’re not as confident go further back
  • Position towards the left or centre at the start– If you position yourself too far right, you will end up swimming a longer distance than necessary
  • Pace it– Don’t start off too quick, pace your efforts and find your rhythm; race your own race!


  • Pace the 400m run up to T1– it is quite a steady incline from the water to transition so don’t knacker yourself
  • Pull your wetsuit down halfway– this makes it easier to take off once in transition
  • Know where your kit is– pick out something in the surrounding environment to line your kit up with
  • Practice, Practice, Practice– Practicing your transition before the event is crucial
  • Zone3 Race Belt– having your race belt underneath your wetsuit helps save time once in T1
  • Helmet on first– before touching your bike, your helmet must be put on first


  • Zone3 Elastic laces– elastic laces on your running trainers will help with a quick, smooth and efficient transition


  • Know how many lap you are doing– don’t go into the race unprepared, know your distance and know it well. The marshals won’t count your laps for you.
  • Higher cadence– towards the end of your bike leg, increase your cadence. This helps get your legs ready for the run


  • Be Prepared– the run is quite undulating, be prepared
  • Pacing– don’t start off too quick, it is better to have a stronger finish
  • Enjoy it- it is an amazing event with fantastic spectators, Enjoy it!

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