London Royal Docks Summer open water swimming – opening times from 1st April 2017

Winter season until 31st March – we require swimmers to book in advance please follow this link & scroll down to ‘bookings’

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00-11:00 Closed 17:00-20:00 17:00–20:00 7:00–9:30 17:00-20:00 8:00–11:00

For sessions that begin before or after sunrise/sunset, please ensure you have a tow float to swim with, and we may give you a small LED light to put inside it for the duration of the session. Tow floats can be purchased on site.


Where to swim:
You need to head toward the Emirate Sky line and The Crystal building. Once there walk alone the Victoria Dock towards the Oiler bar and Wake up Docklands. You will see a pontoon with a Blue and White Boat – this is where you will enter and Exit the water.

We have a great selection of open water products to purchase and staff on hand to discuss what you need, why and how to use.


Pay as you go – £8:00 summer season

Discounts are available when you buy a block of swims, a swim card with ten swims costs £70 – you have to buy these at reception – avoid delays and bringing cash with you.

£10 per swim (winter rate) pay as you go


Winter Membership available via our swimming club: www.thelondonswimmingclub.co.uk with large discounts on swims through winter