• I am coming from the office, is there anywhere to leave clothes and other valuables?

    Yes of course we have an area to keep these safe for you.

  • Do I need to book ahead?

    No need to book ahead throughout the Summer Season for any of our open water swim sessions… just turn up and enjoy!

  • I have never been in open water, can I just come and swim?

    Yes you can but you will need to be assessed before you swim. You must be able to swim at least 400m in a swimming pool without stopping. We will also sign you up to our special safety wristband system so we can log you in and out of the water and store your emergency and medical details if you have any while you swim. We also recommend you attend a coached level 1 swimmers course. See times and dates here (link)

  • I am scared of open water do I need to have a coached session?

    Yes you do, please see our link to the coaching availabilities. We do either 1-2-1 or group sessions depending on the individuals needs.

  • I commute and therefore don’t have any kit can I get them when I arrive?

    Yes you can, we offer a full range of wetsuits, swim caps, goggles and other vital accessories for open water swimming for sale at recommended retail prices.

  • Are wetsuits compulsory?

    No – we have many swimmers who swim without wetsuits.  However, in the colder temperatures you might want to reconsider

  • I have a wetsuit but don’t wish to carry it on a train when it is wet, can I hire a wetsuit each time for my session?

    Yes you can. We have a great range of wetsuits to hire and you can either turn up or book your wetsuit before you arrive. Although we have plenty of sizes it is recommended you email your size so we can ensure we have one waiting with your name on it. Cost of hire is £10 per swim.

  • My wetsuit is old and torn and I would like to buy one, can I try a wetsuit before I buy it?

    Yes you can although you will be charged a hire fee if you don’t decide to buy at that time and you have had a swim. If you just wish to try it on and not swim there is no fee. If we don’t have a new one in stock we can get it delivered direct to you with a next day service providing it is in stock.

  • I have not bought a wetsuit before. How will I know it fits?

    Our staff a very experienced in fitting wetsuits and can show you how to fit it perfectly. They won’t let you buy it if it doesn’t fit.

  • How much does it cost to swim?

    £8 per swim (discounts when you buy in quantity, available for a swim card with ten swims – £70 you have to buy these at reception – avoid delays and bringing cash with you) So the cost of your first swim will be £8 to swim and £12 to sign up for the seasonal NOWCA wristband safety system. We strongly advise you book this online so we save time and you can get straight in the water when you arrive. Your wristband will be there at reception with your name on it. Click here to register https://kscan.co/customer/register?org=nowca

  • I plan to pay by card, can I do this when I arrive?

    Yes of course.

  • I’ve left my NOWCA band at home, can I still swim?

    Please don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your band, as long as you’ve got a valid NOWCA profile then we can assign you a temp band and you can still enjoy your swim.

  • I’ve got road rash, can I still swim?

    It depends on if it is a fresh wound. We advise no one swims with an open wound. If you cut yourself in the water or while you are getting out you must wash it thoroughly with fresh water.

  • I’m travelling from abroad, can I come and swim?

    Yes, we’d love to see you. The simplest way is to sign up for you NOWCA band on line and we can process your band on arrival. However, if you prefer, as with any of our one-off visitors, our venue manager can issue you with a guest band. This can only be done at the Docks so please allow extra time to complete the necessary paperwork. There is an extra charge for this (payable at the Docks £3). We value our NOWCA members and as such, all NOWCA swimmers are given priority into the water, so please bear this in mind when you chose either a guest band or a NOWCA membership.

  • Can children swim?

    Yes – we’d love to welcome you and your family!

    We are happy for your Children to swim providing the following occurs:
    They must be 10 & over
    They must have a valid account with NOWCA & wear their band at all times
    They must swim with a competent adult at all times (who must have their own valid NOWCA band)
    They must wear a tow float – we have these onsite to borrow.
    If attending a course an adult must be present onsite
    Able to swim 400m in the pool minimum
    Water temperature has reached 14 degrees