Some helpful hints as you plan your event

  • I am new to open water swimming, can I take part?

    Yes of course, you can, in fact we’d love you too. You will obviously need to start training in plenty of time, so come along to the London Royal Docks OWS sessions and take a look at the website for some information about coaching sessions.

  • Will I need any special equipment?

    It is not compulsory to wear a wetsuit for Dock-2Dock event. You will need to purchase a tow float if you are entered in the 10k or 5k event. These will be available to purchase for £19.99 when you book your place.

  • I am scared of open water do I need to have a coached session?

    Yes, we would recommend that you do, please see our link to the coaching availabilities.  Special coaching sessions for Dock-2-Dock will be held at London Royal Docks OWS.

  • Is the water safe to swim in?

    Yes it is. NOWCA operates the swimming throughout the year in Victoria Docks and as such the water is tested every two weeks against EU Bathing regulations to ensure the purity is perfect for open water swimming. So you don’t have to worry. The water is slightly salty but really clean and pleasant to swim in. You will find that it is a couple of degrees colder than the lakes and more similar to rivers. Come and try it out for yourself.

  • What time does the event start?

    Full information regarding registration times and start times will be available in the Race Pack. Start time will be 10am, exact times will depend on numbers and distance.

  • How do I purchase my NOWCA safety swim band?

    You can purchase your NOWCA safety band here.  Current NOWCA members can update their existing bands at their own lakes for their annual renewal. New members will need to purchase their band on line and input their venue as London Docklands when prompted.

  • Will there be somewhere to change?

    Yes, we will provide a changing area but please come as prepared as possible to save yourself time on the morning of the event.

  • Will there be refreshments available?

    Yes, we will make sure there are refreshments available to purchase for spectators and competitors. There are, of course, numerous and varied catering outlets around the Docklands, so you can really make a day out of it!

  • Will I get a medal?

    Yes of course, what better way to celebrate your achievement at this iconic event!

  • What will the water temperature be?

    As a guideline, here is the water temperature for the past three years:

    2018 – 22 degrees

    2017 – 19 degrees

    2016 – 20.2


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